Terms of use

Terms of use :
This agreement establishes rules concerning “Bag Station” baggage storage services. By using our service, you agree with the following terms.
Please note that if you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you cannot use the baggage storage service.

1. Items that are not allowed:
Item size cannot exceed a total of 300 cm (length, width, depth combined), or length alone must be under 200 cm. Item should weigh less than 30 kg.
Valuables are not allowed (such as cash, passport, cash card, prepaid card, credit card, securities, jewelry, precious metals, books, art works, cameras, documents containing personal and confidential information, or any other valuable to oneself is not allowed, this list is non-exhaustive ), refrigerated, frozen foods, animals, plants, fishes and shellfishes, bodies, bones, volatile or toxic substances, hazardous substances such as explosives, Anything that produces odor, things that are filthy, spoiled things, illegal goods such as stolen goods, gun, swords and things that are used for crime or threats, and those that are prohibited from possession due to laws and regulations. As any object considered as not suitable for storage by the staff.

2. Inspection of items
If our staff determine that items inspection is necessary, the inspection will be carry with your agreement. If you refuse the inspection, our staff have the right to terminate our service. Please be aware that in case our staff suspect that your bag may includes items listed as not allowed (referred in 1. ), while being stored, inspection may be carried without notice by our staff.

3. Unclaimed items
After 10 days (starting on the date of deposit), we deem that the customer has abandoned the ownership of the unclaimed items. We will dispose of items.

4. Our responsibility
In case of any damage or lost cause by our negligence during storage, we will compensate you up to 20.000 yen. However, small damage such as scratches or dirt that ca naturally occurred while storage, and which do note impair the inherent function, are excluded from compensation.

5. Disclaimer
Please note that we will not be held responsible in any way for damage or loss caused by the following matters:
1) Baggage defects, natural decay caused by the nature of the item.
2) Ignition due to the nature of baggage, explosion, mud, mold, rust, and other similar reasons.
3)strike, riot, robbery
4) Fire due to force majeure
5) Earth quake, tsunami, storm, flood, landslide and other natural disasters
6) Confiscation, seizure or delivery to a third party ordered by laws and regulations or public authority
7) Turn over to a third party due to loss or robbery of receipt or tag
8) User’s default or negligence

6. User liability
Customers are responsible for any damage or loss caused by their negligence or own action. A tag will be issued and hand to you for your deposit and will be necessary to get your luggage back. Please do not lose it.

7. About the handling of personal information
Personal information obtained from our customers during storage service will not be used for any other purpose.

8. Change of terms
The contents of this agreement can be changed without notice, at our discretion.